Rwanda Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

rwanda visa requirements for nigerian citizens

Rwanda Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

The Republic of Rwanda is located somewhere in the central and East Africa. Although it is one of the smallest countries in mainland Africa, Rwanda has a beautiful landscape with mountains to the west, savannah to the east and several lakes running through.

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The country is a very desired destination for wildlife( the gorilla population of the country is world famous) and lovers of adventure. Apart from tourism, a number of foreigners including Nigerians also travel to Rwanda for work and business.

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Types of Rwandan Visas available to Nigerians

There are different types of visas available for Nigerians to visit Rwanda depending on the purpose of travel. However, applying for any form of Rwandan visa is a relatively easy process. The types of visa includes:

  1. Tourist visa: this type of visa is for those willing to visit Rwanda for tourism purpose. In addition, the tourist visa is divided into;
  2. Class T2 Tourist Visa: this is available applicants travelling to Rwanda for holiday, sightseeing, social or recreational purpose or other short term non work purpose.
  3. Class T3 Tourist – Family : issued to applicants intending to visit a family member or a close relative who lives and works in Rwanda.

Such relatives include spouse, parent, brother, sister, child, adopted child, aunt, niece, nephew, cousin, grandparent, grandchild and the ‘step’ equivalent of these.

More Importantly, the class T3 visa may be issued in single or multiple entry( with strong convincing ability of applicant) and a validity period of ninety (90) days.


  1. that Applicants for T3 visa must provide a copy of the resident relatives Foreigners identity card
  2. The T3 class tourist visa does not permit holders to work in Rwanda
  3. The Class T4 Visiting Diplomat Visa: issued to applicants who intend to visit Rwanda as Diplomats for official purposes. The diplomat visa is free and can be valid for up to two years. It is usually issued as multiple entry visa and allows holders to travel with dependent if required.
  4. The Class T5 Job search Visa: issued to individuals who fall under the category of skilled worker and whose occupation is on the Occupations in Demand List (ODL), seeking employment.

Note: You can get click here to download the ODL

However, the ClassT5 visa does not give permission to applicants to work in Rwanda. unless they have obtained a temporary resident permit.

  1. The Class T7 Business Visa: is issued to individuals who are travelling to Rwandan for business. This could be prospective Investors, Entrepreneur or Trader. This class of visa can be valid for 90 days and is issued in multiple entry
  2. The Class T8 Medical Treatment Visa: for individuals who require medical services in Rwanda. Applicants for the T8 visa must be able to provide evidence of an appointment with medical consultants in Rwanda in a public or private health facility.
  3. The Class T6 Conference Visa: This is for individuals travelling to Rwanda to attend a conference, meeting or workshop or to speak at such events. It can be a single entry conference visa ( T6-1) or a multiple entry visa (T6-2)

Other types of Rwandan Tourist visa include

  1. The Class T-9 group visa: issued to individuals traveling as a member of a group of four to ten tourists individually. Also, it can also be issued to a group organized by a tour operator. The T-9 visa is issued to each member of the group and holders are expected to enter into the country at the same and exit the same way. For members who intend to enter and exit differently, they should apply for a different class of visa.
  2. Class T-10 Itinerant visa: this is for individuals who are business people or traders engaged in business activities in Rwanda and with an impending need to regularly visit and work in the country. It could also be issued to a board member of a company who has to travel regularly to attend board meetings in Rwanda.

Note that such company is expected to provide an investment certificate from RDB

  1. The Class T-11 Bridging visa : class of visa suitable for individuals that have lost their status in Rwanda. The visa allows such persons to stay temporarily in Rwanda until they can get a substantive visa or permit for their departure from Rwanda.
  2. The Class T12 East Africa Tourist visa : is for individuals visiting Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya simultaneously for tourism or holiday purpose
  3. The Class V1 Entry Visa: this class of visa is issued to those intending to travel to Rwanda for a purpose other than work, business or tourism. You can find more information about the entry visa here V-1(S) Single Entry Visa :

You can click here for more information on the entry visa

The entry visa can either be single (referred to as  V-1 (S)) or multiple entry visa also called V-1(M).

  1. The class V2 Crew visa: is issued to individuals who are travelling to Rwanda as crew members and valid for only 72 hours on single entry.
  2. The Class Q-1 Transit Visa: is issued to individuals transiting through Rwanda to a another destination for a period not exceeding 72 hours.

Rwanda Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

It is  possible to obtain a visa on arrival for a stay of 30 days. However, individuals willing to travel for this duration must provide the following documents;

  1. A passport valid at least six months at the point of entry and beyond your intended duration of stay in Rwanda. this passport must have at least two blank visa pages.

Note: Rwanda may not allow amended pages at the back of applicants’ passport for their visa stamps

  1. Evidence of adequate funds to support you during the period of study in form of a bank statement of at least six months (usually a bank balance of between four (4) to six (6) million naira is required.
  2. Confirmed return or on-ward ticket
  3. Completely and accurately filled Rwandan visa application form with signature
  4. Two recent, clean coloured passports photographs. These should be in a light plain background and 2 by 2 in dimension

Note: the Rwanda authority allows upload of photos in the place of physical passport photos

  1. A note containing information about your visit to Rwanda, your purpose of visit, intended duration of stay and places you intend to visit.
  2. An itinerary showing your provisional airline bookings, the hotels you booked and addresses (physical and contact address including phone numbers for verification) as well as a detailed schedule of your activities during your stay in Rwanda
  3. A medical evidence showing proof of yellow fever vaccination.

Note: This is not especially required to obtain a visa but may need to be shown at the point o entry

More information on Rwanda Visa Requirements for  Nigerians

  1. It is very important that you enquire with the airline you intend to use if they allow passengers to board without a visa as your visa will only be issued to you on arrival at Rwanda.
  2. it is also advised that you opt for getting your visa prior to arrival as it is possible for an individual to be refused visa on arrival. The Rwandan Immigration Authorities reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone for any reason based on their discretion.

How to Apply for a Rwanda Visa in Nigeria

Step 1: Check your eligibility for a Rwandan visa. One of the conditions that make may you ineligible is to have incomplete documents

Step2: Prepare all your required documents. Also, ensure you check specific documents for each visa type to avoid missing necessary documents .

Step 3: Fill the Rwandan Visa application form. You may decide to apply for a Rwanda visa online, at the embassy or complete your visa processing at the point of entry. You are required to fil the form correctly and completely.

Step 4: Pay your visa application fees. If you are applying online, you will have the option of paying your visa fees online. Otherwise you will be required to pay at the embassy.

Important Note

  1. Fees for visa application processing ae usually not refundable. In the case where an application is refused, or withdrawn by the applicant, refunds of fees will not be made.

2.An applicant must complete all documents and meet all requirements. Evidence for several documents maybe required online, at the Rwandan embassy or at the entry point.

  1. The validity of any visa type and the number of entries is usually stated in the information aspect for different classes of Rwandan visa. You can visit the Rwandan immigration website at details on validity and number of entries for your visa type.
  2. Visa Extension: It is possible to extend your stay for some specific types of visa. If you intend to stay longer than you originally i tended or stated on your visa, you are required to apply for a visa extension while your original remains valid.

NOTE: After a visa loses its validity, the visa holder is only allowed a maximum of five (5) days to leave the country or renew the visa else such holder will face consequences.

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