Nigeria Visa Requirements for German Citizens

nigeria visa requirements for german citizens

Nigeria Visa Requirements for German Citizens

A lot of foreigners including Germans travel to Nigeria on a yearly basis for different purposes. One of these is tourism as Nigeria is known to possess a number of significant natural landmarks and wildlife. Another reason why people travel to Nigeria is for its economic relevance, with the economy of Nigeria referred to as the largest in Africa, it is common to find foreigners travelling for business or work related purposes.

However, to gain entry into Nigeria, citizens of foreign countries (except the ECOWAS nations) including Germany have to obtain a valid entry visa.

The following are the basic things you need to know to successfully apply for a Nigerian Visa as a German.

Types of Visa in Nigeria

There are different types of Nigerian visas available to Germans which area based on the purpose of your visit into the country. The different classes of Nigerian visas available to Germans include;

  1. Tourist or Visitors’ visa: the tourist visa is available to individuals travelling to Nigeria for a short period of time in order to visit relatives, friends or for the purpose of tourism. The duration of stay for a Nigerian tourist visa is three (3) months. Before you exceed three months on a single entry visa, you are expected to reapply for another visa by visiting the Nigeria Immigration centre at the capital for a visa renewal.
  2. Transit Visa: this class of visa is available to German applicants travelling through Nigeria into another country. It is called a transit visa as the holders are only passing through and not intending to stay in Nigeria as their final destination. The validity of transit visa is dependent on where the visa is obtained. For applicants who obtain the Nigerian Transit visa on arrival, it would be valid for 48 hours. However, if the visa was obtained at the Nigerian Embassy in Germany prior to traveling to Nigeria it will remain valid for as long as 7 days.
  3. Business visa: this is the type of visa required for individuals who intend to visit Nigeria for the purpose of attending meetings, seminars, conference, contract negotiation, job interviews, or trainings. It can also be issued to individuals engaged in emergency and relief work, crew members, researchers, staff of Non government organisation or individuals attending musical concerts.
  4. Subject to Regularisation Visa: this form of visa is also referred to as the Short Term Resident Visa and is issued to individuals who have been offered a job opportunity or business in Nigeria and may be seeking permanent employment in the country. If you have received an employment offer form a government or non governmental institution in Nigeria or private bodies, then a STR visa will be suitable. Foreign students and Missionaries can also apply for the STR visa.
  5. Temporary work Permit Visa: this is the type of visa required for individuals who wish to travel to Nigeria for any type of work. The Temporary Work Permit Visa also called TWP is valid for a period of three months and permits only single entry. The TWP is also issued to companies or organisations travelling to Nigeria as expatriate services within a short period.
  6. Diplomatic Visa: The diplomatic visa is available for officials of government, Heads of State, accredited diplomats and Holders of the United Nations Passport. This type of visa is usually valid for a period of three months.

Comprehensive Guideline on Nigeria Visa Requirements for German Citizens

The process of applying for a Nigerian visa is relatively an easy as long as you meet all the requirements and possess necessary documents. It is a straightforward process that you can carry out yourself.

The visa application process to Nigeria can be carried out online or at the Nigerian embassy or consulate.

Visa Requirements

There are certain requirements that individuals must provide to apply for any form of visa to Nigeria. These include;

  1. A valid passport which must remain valid for at least six months after your departure date. The passport should also have at least one or two blank pages
  2. A completely filled and signed Nigeria visa application form
  3. Two recent identical passport sized photographs with your signature at the back
  4. Evidence of sufficient funds to support you while you stay in Nigeria
  5. Visa Payment receipt and acknowledgment issued by the Nigerian Immigration Service to show that you have paid the visa processing fees.
  6. International Certificate of Vaccination for yellow fever
  7. Confirmed ticket
  8. Evidence or proof of accommodation where you will be staying while you are in Nigeria. This could be inform of hotel bookings and address.

Apart from the general visa requirements, there are other documents that a foreign traveller will be required to provide based on the type of visa.

Tourist Visa

The following documents are required if you are applying for a tourist visa also known as visitor’s visa. These include;

  1. Letter of Invitation from a host which could be an individual, body or company inviting you to Nigeria. Such must admit that they take immigrating responsibility on your behalf throughout the duration of your journey.

Temporary Work permit (TWP)

Extra documents required for a temporary work permit to Nigeria alongside the general documents are;

  1. A letter of Approval from the comptroller general of the Nigeria Immigration service. This is also referred to as the Visa approval letter or pre-approved visa letter.
  2. A copy of the application form for visitors pass as well as duly completed form IMM22.

Subject to Regularisation (STR) Visa

For Subject to Regularisation, the following are required in addition to the general visa requirements;

  1. Quadruplicate copies of a completed visa application form
  2. Four passport photographs
  3. Four copies of a letter of Expatriate Quota Approval issued by the Ministry of Interior
  4. Four copies of the applicants letter of employment or acceptance of employment offer
  5. Four copies of applicant credentials including certificates, a curriculum vitae, and other relevant documents which must be evaluated by officials of the Nigerian Embassy, Consulate of High Commission.
  6. A formal application for STR by the employer or institution stating that they accept i9mmigration responsibility of the applicant.

NOTE: In the case where your documents are in another language, you may be required to provide translated copies.

  1. Four copies of document showing acceptance of employment offer which should be signed appropriately.

Diplomatic Visa

Extra requirements for a diplomatic visa include;

  1. The Diplomatic passport which should remain valid for at least six months beyond the date of departure and with at least two blank pages for stamping and endorsement.
  2. A copy of the Note Verbally issued by the Foreign Minister in charge in Germany or any other appropriate International Organisation.

Nigerian Visa Fees for German Citizens and Payment

Visa fees to Nigeria varies depending on country, the number of entries as well as the type of visa and visa application will be paid for in dollars.

Visa fees for German citizens is $88 for single entry visa and $110 for multiple entry visa.

A complete list of all countries and the corresponding visa application fees can be found at the official website of the Nigerian Immigration portal.

Note that visa application fees are usually paid in dollars.

Nigeria Visa available on Arrival

It is important to note that all western countries are eligible for a visa on arrival to Nigeria and this includes Germany. Hence Germans are allowed to apply for a visa on arrival which they can obtain once they land in the country.

To apply for a visa on arrival, you will be required to send a request online to Nigerian embassy requesting for a visa application form.

The following are the procedures to obtaining a visa on arrival to Nigeria as a German

  1. The first thing you need to do is to make all necessary documents available. For your visa on arrival to Nigeria, the two major documents required are;
  • copy of your passport data page
  • Copy of your airline return ticket reservation.
  1. After you have prepared the documents, next step is to begin your application. There are two major ways through which Germans can apply for a Nigeria Visa on Arrival to Nigeria. You can apply through emails or through a representative in Nigeria.
  2. Applying for a visa on arrival through email

To apply through emails, applicants will be expected to write a visa application letter to the Comptroller General of Immigration at the Nigerian Immigrations Service headquarters in Abuja. This letter must include;

  1. The full name of the applicants
  2. Nationality and country of residence
  • Passport number
  1. Applicant’s purpose of visit to Nigeria
  2. The duration of stay
  3. A copy of the flight itinerary
  • Proof of hotel reservation or address of where the applicant will be staying while in Nigeria.
  1. Applying for a visa on arrival through a representative in Nigeria

It is important to choose a trusted person as representative to apply for a visa on arrival to Nigeria. Such individual could be either a business partner, immigration or travel agent, company representative, a liaison or a protocol officer.

NOTE: Such representative must be resident in Nigeria to be able to carry out the application process.

The first step of the application is to request such representative to file a formal request on behalf of the applicant. This process is carried out by drafting an application letter which should be addressed and sent to the Comptroller General of Immigration, Nigerian Immigration Service Headquarters, Abuja.

The letter is similar to the one drafted if applying through email and must contain the same information. In addition, such representative must attach a copy of the applicant’s passport page and return airline ticket to the letter before sending.

  1. Receive your visa on arrival approval letter

Once you have sent the letter to the appropriate channel either through email or a representative, you will have to wait for your visa to be approved. Immediately the visa is approved, you will be sent a visa on arrival approval letter. Note that the entire process can take up to two working days.

Typically, if you have applied by email, your Visa on arrival approval letter will be sent to the email you provided while applying. However, applicants who applied through a representative will have their visa on arrival approval letter received in hard copy by their representative.

A copy of the visa on arrival approval letter is usually sent to the airline that was indicated during the application process and also at the immigration port of entry.

  1. Make payments for your visa on arrival

Applicants can make payment for your visa on arrival online using either a master card or visa card. It is important to ensure that you print the evidence of payment and make a copy as this will be requested at the port of entry.

  1. Arrival and Port of Entry Immigration Clearance

Immediately applicants have received the visa on arrival approval letter and made all necessary payment, they can proceed to travel to Nigeria. At the point of entry into Nigeria, you will be issued your visa on arrival at the desk where it is labelled “Visa on Arrival”. You cannot proceed to enter into the country without going through this process where you will be expected to present a copy of the following;

  1. Visa on arrival approval letter
  2. Evidence of online visa payment
  3. Valid passport
  4. valid airline return ticket
  5. Two recent passport photographs

Once you are have been verified and issued the visa on arrival, then you can proceed to enter into the country.

How long does it take to get a Nigerian visa? The Nigeria visa takes 24 to 48 hours to process.

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