Nigeria Visa on Arrival – How to Apply for Visa on Arrival in Nigeria

how to apply for nigeria visa on arrival

Nigeria Visa on Arrival – A Fast and Convenient way to get the Nigerian Visa

Are you a foreigner who wants to apply for a Nigerian visa through the Nigeria visa on arrival scheme? Are you looking to do business in Nigeria and want to visit Nigeria as soon as possible? Then this post is for you.

Read on, I bring you good news.

The Nigerian Government in her quest to increase foreign direct investments (FDI) coming into the country, ease the process of doing business and boost tourism has introduced the “Visa on arrival” (VOA) scheme. This is a short-term visa to be issued at the point of entry which you could easily take advantage of.

In this article, I would explain all you need to know about the Nigerian visa on arrival scheme and how you will make the most out of this scheme.

Trust me, at the end of this article, you would be equipped with just the right knowledge and all the information on how to get the Nigerian visa on arrival. In other to do this we are going to look over the following headings and aspects of the Nigerian visa on arrival program:


  • The Nigeria visa on arrival and the requirements
  • How to apply for the visa on arrival program
  • How much does the Nigerian visa cost?
  • How Long does it take to get a Nigerian visa?
  • How to make payment for Nigeria visa fees online
  • How to confirm your Nigeria visa status


Let’s get started!

The Nigeria Visa on Arrival and the requirements

A foreigner visiting Nigeria irrespective of the reasons must do so legally, and that is with a visa without which the person would be sent back to his country at the point of entry. A visa is an authorization granted by a country to a foreigner, allowing them to enter, remain within or to leave that territory.

So, what is the Nigerian Visa on Arrival Scheme?

According to the Nigerian immigration service (NIS) the agency of the federal Government handling all issues relating to entry and exit of Nigeria, this is a short term visa that is issued at the point of entry, with a maximum time frame of 30 days to enable Business men, and intending visitors easy and smooth ways to visit Nigeria without going through much hassles and procedures.

For example, an international businessman in Sri Lanka where the Nigerian embassy has shut down and is interested in visiting Nigeria for business, would not be bothered on how to get a Nigerian visa to this effect. Instead would just apply directly to the Nigerian immigration service for an authorization letter called the Nigeria visa on arrival approval letter.

And do you know why it just gets better?

Everything would be done online!

There would be no face to face contact.

So, what is the Nigeria visa on arrival approval letter?

The approval letter is a confirmation by the Nigerian Immigration service that you have applied for a visa on arrival and is a temporary document authorizing you to proceed and land in Nigeria.

It is with the approval letter you would be attended to at the point of entry so if you don’t have it you should wait for it as it doesn’t take much time before getting to you.

Are you excited about this? You should be as it only gets better.

Before we go into the procedures to get your approval letter do allow me to talk to you about the requirements for the Nigerian visa on arrival.

So, what are the requirements to apply for the Nigerian visa on arrival?

Well, the goal is not to make it tedious and tiring so the requirements that make you eligible to use the visa on arrival program to Nigeria for now, is that you must be visiting Nigeria for business purposes only. Your intention for visiting Nigeria should fall into one or more of these reasons;

  1. To attend a business meeting or a trade fare, conference, seminar or workshop in Nigeria.
  2. To carry out market surveys in Nigeria.
  3. If you are coming to invest in Nigeria

With a genuine reason and all relevant documents, the process of getting your approval letter would be a stroll in the park.

Below I would list all the documents you would need for the Nigerian visa on arrival.

  1. A copy of your bio data page on your passport.
  2. A recent passport photograph of you.
  3. A letter introducing your person and the reason for your intended trip to Nigeria.
  4. A letter invitation from the host company in Nigeria, or proof of registration in the case of a business conference or seminar.
  5. A copy of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration of your host company in Nigeria.
  6. A copy of your airline ticket reservation or booking.
  7. A copy of your hotel reservation in Nigeria.
  8. A copy of your bank statement (optional).

Note that you have to scan all the documents as you would be asked to upload them during your visa on arrival application process.

So now you know about the Nigerian visa on arrival and all the requirements you need to go ahead and apply for it, in the next section I will show you how to apply for your Nigerian visa on arrival.

How to Apply for the Visa on Arrival Program and Its Cost

I know you want to know all the procedures in applying for the visa on arrival and you also want to know how much a visa on arrival would cost you, right!

You should note that the application process is entirely online and you will have also process payment online via your credit card, no need to worry about your card details as the Nigerian immigration service website has been upgraded with a nice interface and robust security architecture to serve that purpose.

So, let’s get started!

Where to apply for Nigerian visa for the Visa on Arrival Program

Step 1

You have to fill out the online Nigeria visa on arrival application form.

Go to this Nigeria Immigration Service Visa on Arrival Page here at

nigeria visa on arrival homepage


You would be asked to choose your processing country, let this be Nigeria because that is where your visa would be processed.

You will then select your nationality and lastly, your visa type should Business, as that is the only type on the visa on arrival scheme presently.

After this, you would be redirected to another website where you would be asked to provide your email address and fill out your visa application.

nigeria visa on arrival application page

To continue with the visa application process, you will have to provide other details which I will list for you below;

  • Your full name
  • Your sex
  • Your date of birth
  • Your birth country
  • Your present nationality
  • Passport number
  • The date your passport was issued & its expiration date
  • The place your passport was issued
  • Your port of entry in Nigeria
  • Your flight reference/booking code
  • Your originating flight boarding place and country
  • Your office or home address
  • Your contact primary and email address
  • The name of the host company and their contact address in Nigeria
  • How much in cash you are bringing into Nigeria
  • Your eye color
  • Your height
  • Your hair color

If you fill out your visa application carefully and submit, a notification will be sent to your email to let you know that your visa application has been accepted.

nigeria visa on arrival application approved

If you are in any way confused or you need help with getting the Nigeria visa on arrival, let us know. We are here to help you out. Call or WhatsApp us at +2347033378184. You can also reach us via our email:

Step 2

This is where you proceed to make payment; it would be worthy to note that the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) official website clearly states that the service does not collect cash to process your visa on arrival.

Unless you use a travel agent that requires cash payment, you are expected to do everything online including paying for your Nigerian visa on arrival.

So, once you are logged onto the innovative1services platform you can make payment for your Nigerian visa on arrival with your visa and MasterCard.

An email confirming your payment would be sent to you after carrying out your payment transaction successfully.

nigeria visa on arrival payment confirmation

How much does the Nigerian visa on arrival Cost? 

The cost to process a Nigerian visa on arrival varies from country to country, but it ranges from 2 USD to over 300 USD.

Note that there is a $20 transaction charge that comes with using the online payment platform for the Nigeria visa on arrival.

To get the cost for your country visit our article on that:  Nigeria Visa on Arrival Cost

How long does it take to get a Nigerian Visa?

Your visa would be processed and issued to you at the point of your entry into Nigeria by Immigration officials, but you would get the letter of approval that authorizes you to embark on your journey.

It takes 48 hours to get your visa application status.

If in doubt you can also check your Visa application status on this page on this link:

nigeria visa on arrival status page

Select “Visa on Arrival Program” and then Input your application ID as your reference number then Search Record. It’s easy, right?

Once your visa on arrival has been approved the Nigeria Immigration Service would send a visa on arrival approval letter and this would be sent to the email address you provided earlier as a PDF attachment within 14 days of your arrival in Nigeria.

You are to print this visa on the arrival approval letter together with your payment documents.

Step 3

Finally, you then travel to Nigeria as you have earlier stated using the visa on arrival approval letter sent to your mail. This letter has an expiry date of 14 days from the day it was sent to you, so you won’t be able to use it to get past the point of entry into Nigeria.

Please don’t travel without getting an approval letter for your visa on arrival, because if you do the Nigerian immigration service would put you on the next available flight back to your country without consideration.

Once you have arrived you shall then proceed to the Nigerian immigration visa on arrival desk at the airport where your biometrics would be captured and a photo would be taken, after which you would be issued the visa on arrival stamp.

Don’t forget it is a 30 days business visa that allows you to deal with your need for coming to Nigeria.

If you plan to stay longer then you would have to apply another category of visa.

So now you know about the Nigeria visa on Arrival and all the requirements needed to apply for one, how to apply for the Visa on Arrival Program and its cost, and you know how long to get a Nigerian visa on arrival which is as soon as you get to the point of entry right?… yes, that’s it!

I hope this article has been insightful, interesting to read and of great help to you?

Let us know what you think about the Nigerian visa on arrival.

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We are glad to help.

To read stories of clients we have helped in the recent past read My Nigeria Visa on Arrival Experience

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