Nigeria Visa on Arrival Cost

nigeria visa on arrival cost

Nigeria Visa on Arrival Cost

The cost of the Nigerian visa on arrival varies from country to country. This is to say that what you will pay as an American citizen for visa charges is not going to be the same fees that you will pay as an Indian.

Typically, the Nigeria Immigration Service charges foreigners the same visa fees that foreign immigration departments charge Nigerians who want to travel to those foreign countries.

Furthermore, the Nigeria Immigration Service has factored in $20 as transaction charges for using the online platform and the processing of your visa on arrival approval letter.

Also note that because you have paid for the visa fees and transaction charges does not mean that you must be issued an approval letter or gain entry to Nigeria. I guess this caveat is same for al other country embassies in the world today. To approval or reject visa application is the prerogative of the immigration department alone.

That said, let me explain the Nigeria visa on arrival program first before we list out the cost of visa on arrival for each country.

The Nigeria visa on arrival is a program that enables business related foreigners to visit Nigeria within the shortest time possible and get their visa stamp on their passport upon arrival in Nigeria. This program requires that you will fill out the visa on arrival application on the Nigeria immigration official website, pay visa and transaction charges.  Then you wait for the Nigeria immigration department to make a decision on your application and possibly send the visa upon arrival approval letter to you via email before you can make that trip to Nigeria. When coming to Nigeria, you must come with the following documents:

  • Your international passport (Should be valid for at least six months)
  • Evidence of visa fee payment.
  • Visa on arrival approval letter.
  • Evidence of Accommodation/Hotel reservation
  • Acknowledgement slip
  • Valid flight return ticket

You will present these documents at the visa on arrival desk of the Nigeria Immigration service at your arrival airport in Nigeria. The officers will verify your documents, stamp your passport and let you through.

Now let’s talk about the cost of the Nigeria visa on arrival for each country

Nigeria Visa on Arrival Cost per Country
Country Visa Fees Transaction Charges

Total Cost

Madagascar US$3 $20 US$23
Turkey US$32 $20 US$52
Israel US$169 $20 US$189
Dominica US$20 $20 US$40
Samoa US$3 $20 US$23
Turkmenistan US$60 $20 US$80
Jamaica US$20 $20 US$40
Austria US$88 $20 US$108
Brunei US$45 $20 US$65
Oman US$46 $20 US$66
Myanmar US$2 $20 US$22
Germany US$88 $20 US$108
Brazil US$20 $20 US$40
Democratic Republic of the Congo US$3 $20 US$23
South Africa US$58 $20 US$78
Switzerland US$68 $20 US$88
Denmark US$88 $20 US$108
Hong Kong S.A.R., China US$64 $20 US$84
San Marino US$3 $20 US$23
Estonia US$60 $20 US$80
Kazakhstan US$60 $20 US$80
Georgia Gratis $20 US$20
Afghanistan Gratis $20 US$20
Monaco US$2 $20 US$22
Lebanon US$100 $20 US$120
Eritrea US$2 $20 US$22
Burkina Faso US$0 $20 US$20
Singapore Gratis $20 US$20
Equatorial Guinea US$3 $20 US$23
Armenia US$60 $20 US$80
Saudi Arabia US$46 $20 US$66
Panama US$2 $20 US$22
Sao Tome and Principe US$50 $20 US$70
Serbia US$50 $20 US$70
China US$64 $20 US$84
Belarus US$68 $20 US$88
Bahrain US$45 $20 US$65
Marshall Islands US$65 $20 US$85
Cape Verde US$0 $20 US$20
Benin US$0 $20 US$20
Ukraine US$52 $20 US$72
Western Sahara US$2 $20 US$22
Guatemala US$3 $20 US$23
Portugal US$73 $20 US$93
Bangladesh US$253 $20 US$273
Sweden US$78 $20 US$98
Syria US$46 $20 US$66
Senegal US$0 $20 US$20
Thailand US$14 $20 US$34
Jordan US$50 $20 US$70
Cambodia US$68 $20 US$88
Netherlands US$88 $20 US$108



Visa Fees Transaction Charges

Total Cost

Cameroon US$3 $20 US$23
Djibouti US$3 $20 US$23
Vietnam US$68 $20 US$88
Latvia US$60 $20 US$80
Chad US$3 $20 US$23
North Korea US$46 $20 US$66
Bulgaria US$50 $20 US$70
Sudan US$2 $20 US$22
Cuba US$54 $20 US$74
Nauru US$4 $20 US$24
Zimbabwe US$50 $20 US$70
Namibia US$66 $20 US$86
Croatia US$30 $20 US$50
Egypt US$45 $20 US$65
Burundi US$100 $20 US$120
India US$253 $20 US$273
Hungary US$50 $20 US$70
Peru US$2 $20 US$22
Liberia Gratis $20 US$20
Comoros US$20 $20 US$40
Slovakia US$50 $20 US$70
Kuwait US$3 $20 US$23
Bahamas US$19 $20 US$39
Norway US$4 $20 US$24
Iceland US$68 $20 US$88
Zambia US$6 $20 US$26
Malaysia US$6 $20 US$26
Kenya US$25 $20 US$45
Taiwan US$50 $20 US$70
Nepal US$39 $20 US$59
Saint Kitts and Nevis US$19 $20 US$39
New Zealand US$2 $20 US$22
Maldives US$2 $20 US$22
Togo US$0 $20 US$20
Grenada US$3 $20 US$23
Guyana US$3 $20 US$23
Tajikistan US$68 $20 US$88
Ethiopia US$2 $20 US$22
Macedonia Gratis $20 US$20
Laos US$4 $20 US$24
Sierra Leone Gratis $20 US$20
Finland US$88 $20 US$108
Iraq US$3 $20 US$23
Mexico US$32 $20 US$52
Albania US$60 $20 US$80
Guinea US$0 $20 US$20
Mozambique US$50 $20 US$70
Uganda US$2 $20 US$22
Congo US$111 $20 US$131
Colombia US$3 $20 US$23
United Kingdom US$144 $20 US$164
Poland US$51 $20 US$71
Czech Republic US$88 $20 US$108
Mongolia US$26 $20 US$46
Tonga US$64 $20 US$84
Saint Lucia US$19 $20 US$39
Algeria US$50 $20 US$70
Trinidad and Tobago Gratis $20 US$20
Lithuania US$60 $20 US$80
Somalia US$3 $20 US$23
Luxembourg US$88 $20 US$108
United Arab Emirates US$150 $20 US$170
Venezuela US$50 $20 US$70
Italy US$88 $20 US$108
France US$88 $20 US$108
Swaziland US$68 $20 US$88
Guinea-Bissau US$0 $20 US$20
Antigua and Barbuda US$148 $20 US$168
Ecuador US$3 $20 US$23
Vatican US$88 $20 US$108
Azerbaijan US$78 $20 US$98
Gambia US$0 $20 US$20
Liechtenstein US$68 $20 US$88
Qatar US$4 $20 US$24
Suriname US$40 $20 US$60
Romania US$100 $20 US$120
Central African Republic US$67 $20 US$87
Nigeria US$0 $20 US$20
Philippines US$39 $20 US$59
Russia US$84 $20 US$104
Indonesia US$245 $20 US$265
Kyrgyzstan US$60 $20 US$80
Palau US$3 $20 US$23
Paraguay US$2 $20 US$22
Ireland US$170 $20 US$190
Belgium US$88 $20 US$108
Bolivia US$2 $20 US$22
Dominican Republic US$20 $20 US$40
Kosovo US$50 $20 US$70
Andorra US$68 $20 US$88
Seychelles US$4 $20 US$24
Pakistan US$68 $20 US$88
Uzbekistan US$60 $20 US$80
Fiji US$2 $20 US$22
Costa Rica US$20 $20 US$40
Australia US$141 $20 US$161
Kiribati US$3 $20 US$23
Tuvalu US$3 $20 US$23
Rwanda US$4 $20 US$24
Bhutan US$68 $20 US$88
Timor-Leste US$68 $20 US$88
Tunisia US$32 $20 US$52
Papua New Guinea US$2 $20 US$22
Malta US$26 $20 US$46
Lesotho US$64 $20 US$84
Belize US$200 $20 US$220
Honduras US$3 $20 US$23
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines US$19 $20 US$39
South Korea US$30 $20 US$50
Canada US$75 $20 US$95
Argentina US$60 $20 US$80
Morocco US$89 $20 US$109
Solomon Islands US$2 $20 US$22
Spain US$95 $20 US$115
Angola US$2 $20 US$22
Slovenia US$50 $20 US$70
Tanzania US$29 $20 US$49
Mauritania US$58 $20 US$78
Ghana US$0 $20 US$20
Iran US$3 $20 US$23
Barbados Gratis $20 US$20
Greece US$88 $20 US$108
Mali US$0 $20 US$20
United States US$160 $20 US$180
El Salvador US$3 $20 US$23
Nicaragua US$2 $20 US$22
Mauritius US$2 $20 US$22
Bosnia and Herzegovina US$50 $20 US$70
Vanuatu US$3 $20 US$23
Yemen US$46 $20 US$66
Cyprus US$30 $20 US$50
Japan US$36 $20 US$56
Sri Lanka US$40 $20 US$60
Malawi US$39 $20 US$59
Haiti US$3 $20 US$23
Botswana US$114 $20 US$134
Gabon US$2 $20 US$22
Libya US$26 $20 US$46
Uruguay US$60 $20 US$80
Moldova US$60 $20 US$80
Niger US$0 $20 US$20
Chile US$200 $20 US$220


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