Nigeria Visa Application – How to Apply for Nigerian Visa on Arrival

nigeria visa application

Nigeria Visa Application – How to Apply for Nigerian Visa on Arrival

Usually any individual visiting Nigeria from another country requires a visa to enter unless they are from a country that has a visa abolition agreement with Nigeria. So it is highly important to obtain your visa before heading to the country.  The visa on arrival system was introduces in order to ease the stress of obtaining a visa to Nigeria. With this system, visitors can get their Nigerian visas without actually visiting the Nigerian embassy or Consulate abroad. However, it is not unusual to find foreign visitors being denied entry even after they have applied online for a visa on arrival. Usually, this is because such visitors have committed certain errors or they did not wait to receive a visa approval letter before traveling.

This article will provide you with all you need to know to successfully obtain a visa on arrival to Nigeria and avoid any disappointments.

 First there are certain requirements and eligibility criteria that must be met before any individual can obtain the Nigerian visa on arrival;

Eligibility: the visa on arrival is issued to people who meet the eligibility criteria and these includes;

  • People who travel frequently to Nigeria on  Business or tourism reasons.
  • Individuals who are members of government delegations
  • Executives of recognized multi-national companies
  • Individuals who are holders of a United Nations, African Union or ECOWAS Laissez – Passer
  • Persons who hold travel documents of a well-recognized  international organisation

Importantly, the Nigerian Visa on Arrival is available to all foreign nationals excluding those from ECOWAS countries and other nations that do not require a visa to enter Nigeria.

Steps to Apply for Nigerian Visa on Arrival

Step 1- Prepare your Documents

The first step is to prepare your documents. To get a visa on arrival, you need two major documents and these are;

  1. A copy of your passport data page
  2. Copy of your airline return ticket reservation.

Step 2: Start your Application.

There are two different ways by which you can apply for a Nigerian visa on arrival. First is through an email or in person and secondly, through a representative in Nigeria.

  1. To apply through emails:

The major step here is to write a visa application letter to the Comptroller General of Immigration at the Nigerian Immigrations Service headquarters in Abuja. The letter must include the following details;

  1. The name of the applicants
  2. Applicant’s nationality and country of residence
  3. Applicant’s passport number
  4. The purpose of visit and planned duration of stay
  5. Flight itinerary
  6. And finally an evidence of hotel reservation or address of where the applicant will be staying while in Nigeria.

After you have provided all this information in your mail, then attach the copy of your passport page and your airline return ticket and send to Nigeria immigration.

  •  For individuals applying through a representative or a visa agent  in Nigeria;

First you have to contact your representative in Nigeria. This can be a business partner, company representative, an immigration agent, a liaison or protocol officer or any trusted person. Note that they have to be in Nigeria to help you with the application process.

Secondly, you need to have your representative file a formal request on your behalf. This would be done by writing an application letter to the Comptroller General of Immigration, Nigerian Immigration Service Headquarters, Abuja. The letter must contain all necessary information exactly like those stated for individuals applying through email.

Also, the representative is expected to attach a copy of your passport page and return airline ticket to the letter.

Note: I strongly recommend that you use this method because it removes all unnecessary delays in the visa on arrival process. We, at can be your agent. We will expedite the entire process? We help our clients to get their Nigeria visa on arrival within 48 hours. Our service charge is competitive and affordable. You can call or text us at +2347033378184. You can also reach us via our email: We are glad to help.

Step 3: Wait for your Visa on Arrival Approval Letter.

Now after sending your letter either through email or a representative in Nigeria, you have to wait for your visa to be approved and be sent a visa on arrival approval letter. This could take about two working days.

For those who applied by email, the Visa on arrival approval letter will be sent to the applicant’s email while those who applied through a representative will have their visa on arrival approval letter received in hard copy  by their agent ,

Also note that a copy of this approval letter will be made available to the airline that was indicated in your application and Immigration port of entry.

Step 4: Pay for your Visa

 This is where you then pay for your visa on arrival. Usually, you can make payment for your visa on arrival online using either a master card, visa card or American express card. You can click here to pay for your visa on arrival online. Ensure that you print the evidence of payment as it will be needed at the port of entry.

 Or you can pay for your visa fee at the port of arrival in Nigeria. In fact I recommend you pay at the airport of your arrival. This can be done if an agent helps you get the visa approval letter, you can travel to Nigeria with this approval letter and then pay for the visa fees when you arrive Nigeria.

Step 5: Carry Out your Port of Entry Immigration Clearance

Once you have received you visa on arrival approval letter and paid for your visa, you can proceed to travel. As soon as you reach the point of entry into Nigeria, locate the desk where “Visa on Arrival” is indicated. This is where you will be issued an entry visa. At the visa on arrival desk, you will be expected to provide a hardcopy of the following documents;

  1. Your visa on arrival approval letter
  2. A hardcopy of your online visa payment evidence
  3. Your passport with at least six months validity
  4. You valid airline return ticket
  5. Two recent passport photographs preferably on a light coloured background

Once you are through with your clearance and issued entry visa, you are free to enter into the country.

Important note

  1. You must always wait to receive your visa on approval letter before getting on board to travel to Nigeria. This will help avoid any issues of disappointment. It is very possible to get to Nigeria and be denied entry by the immigration officers based on their discretion. It is also possible to find out your visa has not been approved. Therefore, it is important that you always wait for approval before travelling.
  2. The visa on arrival application takes about two working days to be processed. This means that you will receive your approval letter two days after your application has been sent.
  3. The visa on arrival approval letter remains valid for fourteen (14) days from the date of issuance. Therefore ensure you travel within this period or else your approval letter will seize to be valid.

For more information, clarification or help in obtaining a Nigerian visa on arrival, you can send us a message here. We have a team of immigration and visa service experts who will help obtain your visa on arrival to Nigeria without any hassle. Our contact details is as follows:

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