How to Write a Letter of Invitation for Visit Visa to Nigeria (WITH SAMPLES)

letter of invitation for visit visa to ngieria

How to Write a Letter of Invitation for Visit Visa to Nigeria (WITH SAMPLES)

Table of Contents:

  • What is an invitation letter for a visa?
  • What is a letter of invitation for visa application concerning Nigeria as a country?
  • Are all the invitation letters the same? What are the different types of invitation letters?
  • Invitation letter for business in Nigeria.
  • Sample Letter of Invitation for business visa application.
  • Invitation letter for visiting tourists in Nigeria.
  • Sample Letter of Invitation for tourist visa application.

What Is A Letter Of Invitation For Visa Application?

A letter of invitation to apply for a visa is a letter published on your behalf requesting a visa for a specific purpose from the embassy of a particular nation to which you are invited. This letter of invitation also acts as a guarantee to the government that the invitee is taking full responsibility for your welfare and that you will not illegally stay in that particular country.

What Is A Letter Of Invitation For Visa Application Concerning Nigeria As A Country?

A letter of invitation to apply for a visa to Nigeria is a document indicating that a Nigerian or a Nigerian company registered or incorporated by the Commission on Corporate Affairs (CAC) in Nigeria is inviting you to Nigeria. It is mandatory when applying for a Nigerian visa, in addition to other requirements that you would present; you will need to present an Invitation letter with your visa application. In the letter of invitation, the host must accept all immigration responsibility especially concerning your welfare for the visitor and attach a valid Nigerian passport or a company incorporation document (CAC Certificate). It is also anticipated that the host will state obviously in the visitor’s letter of invitation, lodging agreement (or hotel booking).

You must attach an invitation letter to the rest of the documents in your application which you will submit at the embassy. The letter of invitation is a strong supporter of your application as the embassy will know that without a purpose you’re not just going to the country. The letter will tell you why you are going, how long you intend to stay and who you are seeing.

Are All The Invitation Letters The Same? What Are The Different Types Of Invitation Letters?

From what I have written above, this answer is quite clear but let me still go ahead and answer this. The answer is a big NO! Well, some might be thinking why? Ok, I broke it down into two simple categories which are;

  1. Business Visa Application
  2. Tourist Visa Application

Before I venture further, I would like to explain why I broke it down like this. I understand that there are many reasons why you could be invited to visit Nigeria but these two are the major reasons. The business category refers to everyone who could visit the country due to business reasons I am going to write majorly on being invited by a company then in the tourist category I will talk about being invited by a citizen of the country, Nigeria.

Invitation Letter for Business Visa Application

You must obtain a letter of invitation. It is the responsibility of the organisation you are going to visit to provide the invitation.  A copy is acceptable. The letter must;

– Be written on company letterhead

– Include the full address and phone number of the organization or person to be visited

– Apply for the same validity of visa as in the introductory letter

– Specify the number of visa applications you are applying for

– Include a sentence stating that the Nigerian company takes full responsibility for the immigration status of the visa applicant while in Nigeria.

– If you are travelling for a personal visit or homestay, you will need to include a copy of the inviter’s residence card with the letter of invitation.

Sample of letter of invitation for business visa to Nigeria


                                                                                                                                   The Nigeria Embassy

342 Frank St

Washington Dc



Name: Bob Robinson

Address: 24 Houston St, Sacramento, Ca. 94203

Date Of Birth: 15th July 1975

Occupation: Network Security Engineer

Passport No: Xxxxxxxx

Telephone: +1xxxxxxxxxxxx

I would like to invite Bob Robinson to Nigeria for the duration of the 20th of September 2019 to the 2nd of October 2019.

The purpose of his visit is for tourism and hotel reservation has been made on his behalf for the days that he will be staying while in Nigeria.

I will bear responsibility for his immigration rules and regulations until he leaves the country and therefore appreciate if he is adequately assisted in his quest to secure appropriate clearance to enter the country solely for the stated purpose.

Yours Sincerely,

Obi Alfred.


Invitation Letter For Tourist Visa Application

You need to get your host’s original invitation letter. The person you are going to visit is responsible for the invitation. The letter of invitation must:

– Include a copy of the Nigerian passport of your host

– State clearly that your Nigerian host will accept responsibility for immigration for you.

Sample of letter of invitation for Tourist visa to Nigeria

                                                                                                                                                No 1 Yagi Close

Mile 50


Ebonyi State


Bob Robinson

24 Houston St



Usa, 94203


Dear Bob,


This is a formal letter of invitation for you to visit me in Ebonyi State for three weeks form the 20th of September 2019 to the 2nd of October 2019.

During your visit, you would be staying with me and I will be responsible for your accommodation, feeding, and transportation while you are here.

I hope to take you to see some sights while you are here and I trust that it will be fun and memorable just as it was in America.

I have attached a scanned copy of my National Passport; you can contact me via my email in case you need help with anything that would aid your quest to secure a relevant clearance to enter this country.

Yours Faithfully,

Obi Alfred.


Guest Details:

Name: Bob Robinson

Address: 24 Houston St, Sacramento, CA. 94203

Date of Birth: 15th July 1975

Occupation: Network Security Engineer

Relationship: Friends

Passport No: XXXXXXXX


Host Details:

Name: Obi Alfred

Address: No. 1 Yagi Close, Mile 50, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

Date of Birth: 7th June 1975

Occupation: Lawyer

Relationship: Friends

Passport No: XXXXXXXXX

Telephone: +234XXXXXXXXXX


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