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How Long Does Nigerian Visa Take to Get?

How Long Does Nigerian Visa Take To Get?

This is most one of the common questions asked by every Nigeria visa applicant who wishes to travel to Nigeria. Now, the answer to this question depends solely on the following factors:

  1. The country where you are applying for the visa from.
  2. The type of visa you are applying for.

To explain the “how long it takes to get the Nigerian visa” question better, am going to rephrase the question in two ways for better understanding to visa applicants.

Question 1. How long does any Nigerian visa take to get from the Nigerian embassy in my country?

According to the Nigeria immigration service policy, it should take 2 business days to process any Nigerian visa type by any Nigerian embassy in a foreign country.  A decision has to be made by the consular within 2 business days from the day of submission. However, we have heard of cases where a Nigerian Consulate does not respond back to visa applicant’s request for visa for very many months. So if you have waited for more than 2 business days and have not received any response from the Nigerian embassy, you should give them a call to find out the status of your visa application.

Question 2. How long does it take to get a Nigerian business visa if I use the Nigeria visa on arrival program?

The Nigeria visa on arrival program was designed to help visa applicants who have business engagements in Nigeria to be able to get their visas issued to them at the airport of their arrival in Nigeria. To be able to have a business visa issued to you upon arrival in Nigeria, you will have to fill out the visa on arrival online form, pay visa fee and obtain a document from the NIS called the Nigeria visa on arrival approval (VOA) letter. It is with is VOA letter that you can come into Nigeria and get a 30 day visa stamp on your passport. The advantages of using the visa on arrival program cannot be over emphasized.

  1. There is no need for a visa interview.
  2. It is the quickest way to get a visiting visa to Nigeria.
  3. You don’t need to travel to the Nigerian embassy location anymore. All you need to do is fill out the visa application form online and submit.
  4. The visa on arrival approval letter is sent to your email as a PDF attachment from the Nigeria Immigration Service.

Note: it is the sole decision of the Nigeria Immigration Service to approve or decline giving you the visa on arrival approval letter.

Here is a Picture of the Visa on Arrival Approval Letterhow long does nigerian visa take to getHow long does it take to get the Visa on Arrival Approval Letter?

It usually takes 48 hours to receive the VOA letter.  However, the visa on arrival approval letter has a validity period of 14 days. This is to say that once your VOA letter is issued to you and you fail to travel to Nigeria within the next 14 days, it expires. Let me give you an example. If your visit to Nigeria is for the 10th of August 2019 and the NIS has sent you the VOA letter on the 1st of August, if for whatever reasons you decide to move your trip to the 17th of August 2019, you can no longer make use of that VOA letter because it will have expired by the 15th of August so you will need to apply for another VOA letter.

Here are the requirements for using the visa on arrival program:

  • Visa applicant(s) international passport (must have at least 6 months validity and 2 blank pages for the Nigerian visa stamp)
  • Passport photo of visa applicant(s)
  • Visa fees and transaction charges (This fee varies depending on your country. Transaction charges is $20. click here to check the visa fee for your country: Nigerian Visa Fees for Foreigners.
  • Address of visa applicant(s) – must include the residing country from where the visa applicant(s) is coming from to Nigeria
  • The primary phone number of the visa applicant(s).
  • The intended airport of arrival of the visa applicant(s)
  • A scanned copy of the flight reservation of visa applicant(s)
  • A scanned copy of the hotel reservation of visa applicant(s)
  • Contact email address of visa applicant(s)
  • The name of the host company the visa applicant(s) intend to meet with in Nigeria
  • The corporate affairs commission certificate of the host company the visa applicant(s) intends to meet with in Nigeria.
  • An introduction letter from the visa applicant(s)
  • A letter of invitation in favour of the visa applicant(s) from the host company in Nigeria to the Nigeria Immigration Service.
  • The occupation of the visa applicant(s).
  • A 3 months Bank statement of visa applicant(s) (This is optional)
  • A Scanned passport photograph of visa applicant(s) in white background
  • The amount of cash the visa applicant(s) is coming to Nigeria with
  • The hair color of the visa applicant(s).
  • The eye color of the visa applicant(s).
  • The height of the visa applicant(s).

If there is any document above that you do not have of don’t understand, let us know and we will explain further or help you obtain it.

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How Long Does Nigerian Visa Take to Get?

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